Website Security Against Hackers and Bots

Website Security

Attacks Ameravant can protect you from:

  • SQL Injection
  • Denial of Service (DOS) Attacks
  • Cross site scripting
  • Comment spam
  • Excessive bot crawling
  • Email harvesters 
  • and more 

IP Block List and Trust List

We can block a single IP, an IP Range or an entire country from visiting your website.

Website security isn't just optional anymore, it's needed, just like having auto insurance.  Once you are hacked or attacked, and you've lost most or all of your data and spent the hundreds to thousands of dollars necessary to recover, you will appreciate what good security can do for your online presence.

Ameravant offers free website security on all its websites.  A partial list of what we protect includes:

Distributed Denial of Service Attack "DDoS"

Let's say, for example, your website usually receives 1,000 visitors per month.  If you began to experience 5,000 visitors per month your website could easily manage the increased traffic.  But what would happen if suddenly your site received 1,000 unique visitors per second? In only one minute you would have 60,000 visitors.  The queue to deliver webpages gets backed up, and legitimate visitors' browsers will Time Out before the page is delivered.  Even if your website has perfect security, that doesn't prevent massive page requests.

The Solutions: Internet Network Security

A DDoS Attack is where multiple Internet servers, usually from around the world, are attacking your site at the same time.  To prevent this type of attack, you need to protect the networking to your website.  We do this through a 3rd party security partner.  After we install security for your website, any request from a known attacker, harmful crawler or Bot will be placed in a Digital Trash Can, leaving only valid traffic to your website.

Our service also allows realistic Visitor Traffic Analytics, so you don't get junk traffic included in your Analyics.

Sample Network Security Report

This report shows that within a 7 day period there were 3,406 Known Threats that were stopped from visiting the website.  Most of these threats were coming from the Ukraine and China.

Website Security against Hackers and Bots