Terms of Use

All clients of Ameravant sign a Work Order agreement, the defines the scope of work to be completed and terms of payment.

Cancellation Policy

Once a Work Order is signed and a deposit is made, Ameravant incurs expense to set up systems to manage the website project, and web hosting services. Multiple staff will often be working on different areas of the website at the same time. Should Customer cancel their project prior to Customer training, Customer agrees to pay a $1,000 cancellation fee, per website, plus actual programming, graphic design time or other staff expense accumulated up till the time Ameravant receives notice of cancellation.

If Ameravant has notified the Customer the website is ready for Customer Training then there are no refunds to the Customer from the initial deposit. Total cancellation fees will never exceed Customer’s initial deposit.

Monthly Hosting/Support Fees

All clients pay a monthly hosting/support fee.  There is no contract for this service, only month-to-month.  Clients are free to use other hosting and support from other providers.  Hosting/support is paid in advance of the month service being delivered.  There are no refunds on paid hosting fees.

The Terms for your support include:

  1. One hour of training at the time your new websites goes live.  
  2. Live, screen share or office visits at Ameravant office, to train your staff if they are managing your content.
  3. One hour of retraining per calendar year. Additional retraining will be billed at $125/hour
  4. Email and Ticket support: 9:00am - 5:00pm PST M-F, [email protected]
  5. Live Phone Support: (805) 456-6014 9:00am - 5:00pm PST M-F
  6. In Case of Emergency:
    1. If you need emergency support after hours or weekends please create a ticket buy sending your request to [email protected] and leave a voice message at 805-456-6014.
    2. Emergency Support may be a billable event, depending on the type of support. Ameravant staff will let you know if your emergency support is billable or covered under your Support Policy.
  7. Ameravant uses a monitoring service that pings your website every 15 minutes.  If your website goes offline for any reason, 3 staff at Ameravant will receive Email notice.
  8. Online User Guide with step-by-steps instructions on how to manage content in your site:http://support.site-ninja.com
  9. Includes Security and Feature Upgrades to your website
  10. Implement 3rd party scripts into your website.  You must provide the scripts.
  11. Minor content updates to your site that take us less than a few minutes

In general, if you ask us to make changes to your website vs. asking us to help you understand how to update content in your site, then we charge.  Our goal is to not bill you, but to empower you to make content updates to your website anytime you need to, at no cost. If you ask for work that requires custom programming or design, we will need to bill you, and will keep cost at a minimum.

Custom User Guide: $200 (average cost)

If you would like a customized User Guide on how to maintain your specific content, we will create a document with the following features

  1. List all major content updates you need to make to your website. Average of 5 types of updates.
  2. For  each type of update, we will take screenshots of your website, with step-by-step instruction how to update your content.

What is NOT included in your monthly support:

  1. Documentation and training on 3rd party applications, like PayPal, mailchimp.com, constantcontact, shopping carts, survey systems, photo editing programs, video editing programs, youtube.com, vimeo, Google Docs, etc.
  2. Making design edits to your website, including logo, header images, backgrounds, buttons, etc.
  3. Training on programming languages, like Html, CSS and javascript
  4. Training on changing custom layout of content within your website’s homepage, or side columns of secondary page
  5. NOTE: For most people, the ability to update content in Ameravant websites is fairly easy. Some websites have more custom features and may require Ameravant support to safely make changes certain areas of your site.  Fixing your website layout or content if you accidently “broke” the site or “messed up” the content in your attempt to modify the website, may result in a fee to fix the website.
  6. Custom Feature requests. Occasionally clients will make very good new feature suggestions, that would benefit them and other Ameravant clients.  We appreciate these requests and have running list of new features that we are excited to implement for you. We do not guarantee your new feature request will be implemented or give time frames when they may be implemented.  If you really want a feature that does not exist we can give you a quote on the cost to implement that feature for you.