Website Client Testimonials

Cynder Sinclair  - Nonprofit Board Consultant

Cynder gives a testimonial of how Ameravant Web Studio took a new business concept and turned it into a business, that gets it sales leads from her new website.

Eliane Alexandre - French Hair Stylists

In the 1st eight months of having an Ameravant website, Eliane is averaging 5 new clients per month, totaling over 35 new clients. Santa Barbara French Hair Stylists Website 
"I love these guys!  Thank you Ameravant, for bringing me new clients!"

Saint Vincent's Santa Barbara

The oldest non-profit in Santa Barbara, California praises the companies that support them with their website, web design and website marketing.

St. Vincent’s is dedicated to strengthening low-income families, by providing affordable housing, early childhood education, and family enrichment opportunities.

Santa Barbara Limousine Company - Serenity Limo 

Owner, Chris Hecker, announces launch of his new website, Working with Santa Barbara Web Design company Ameravant Web Studio (, he launched his site two weeks ago, and has already generated significantly more visitor traffic and more business in the first two weeks after going live. Ameravant used the Best Content Management System for Search Engine Optimization, SiteNinja CMS.

Niels Johnson-Lameijer - Executive Coach

My name is Niels Johnson-Lameijer, and I am an internationally operating, certified Executive Coach and Leadership Coach.  I guide top notch companies to higher levels of efficiency and success and coach passionate individuals of all ages to live their dreams.

Steve Heslin - Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute

Steve had recently been hired as a Business Manager to help the public understand the great services offered by Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute, and to bring in new students and massage clients.  The top item on Steve's list was to have a website that was more attractive, attracted more traffic from the Google Search Engine, and allow him to personally updated the content of the website. Ameravant accomplished all 3 goals.

Daniel Wilson - Wilson Environmental Contracting

Daniel has referred many clients to Ameravant and claims he has steady business from his website because it ranks so well in Google Searches.

Tony Vallejo - Palius & O'Kelly CPA's

Scott Cummings - Montecito Chimney Service

Scott didn't have a website.  He always advertised in the Yellow Pages. He knew he was missing potential business because his competition was getting business from people searching in Google.  Scott needed a website that performed well in Google Searches. Ameravant built that website for him.  Scott reports that in the first 2 months of his new website being online, he received calls from 10 new clients.

Jerry Knotts - President of California Coast Venture Forums

Jerry heads multiple organizations.  He needed a company that would give high levels of support, so he could focus on his business and let Ameravant Staff support his website.  After three years, he is still pleased with the level of service.  With an Ameravant website, it's so simple for a client to edit conent in the website: Jerry actually enjoys adding new pages, photos and videos to his site.

Dawn Hampton - Medical Billing Management for Consumers

Dawn has learned how to write content for her new website that will give her national ranking in the Google Search Engine.
"I'm excited to optimize my website for the Google Search Engine" 

Elizabeth Weinstein - Just Communities

Elizabeth was incharge of creating a new website for their non-profit organization.  Not having many technical skills made her very nervious. With the full support of the Ameravant Staff, her website deveopment experience went smoothly.  She now has a beautiful new website, that is fully optimized for good Google Search Engine results, and she impressed her boss and fellow staff.  Not bad for a woman with little technical skills!