Top SEO Agency Santa Barbara 

Free Website Review for Good Search Engine Optimization

Who doesn't want to receive SEO, website optimization tips and crucial Web Presence recommendations? We help out clients create a list of action items that you can use to improve traffic to your website through good website optimization.

Location-Based SEO

Often times, our clients, who serve specific geographic areas ask "how do I rank higher in LOCAL search results?"

Like most small business owners, you might need to drive traffic or make online sales, but have a limited budget.  Truth is, optimizing your website with the right keywords is not that difficult.  With our tips and some hands-on working sessions, our clients often rank #1 in Google Local Search and Google Oraganic Search for the most important keyword phrase to his business.

Keyword-Based SEO

We help our clients with Keyword Research to see what keywords their customers are searching for. We also research what keywords their competitors are optimizing for to help you stay competitive. 

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

Ameravant websites come with the Search Engine Optimization of all pages. We noticed some clients want to do more to actively try and rank higher in Search Results. Our VisionTRACKER service details the work  should do in the Key areas of website optimization and promotion to Search Engines.

Ameravant educates the client on the fundamental SEO process, and works with you to know how to optimize your site.  We offer our clients various services to identify new SEO opportunities and maximize you website's effectiveness. 

Here's some things you can do at home:

  • Create XML Site Map file of every page in the website
  • Create a Google Webmaster Tools Account, recommended by Google.
  • Register the XML Site Map with Google Webmaster Tools, to more quickly promote the pages of the new website in the Google Search Engine
  • Create a "Google Business" account, to create another way for the website to be exposed in Google Searches, for the website's business category
  • Review top landing pages of the website to make sure the pages were focused on keywords that people actually type in Google Searches
  • Provide 1 hour live training for "Top 10 ways to manage your content and improve your SEO"