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Welcome to 2020 and COVID-19.

California Zoom Video Conferencing Professional Services

Zoom Webinars are on the rise!

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It's all a bit overwhelming not going to the office and having to work from home.   New technologies are sometimes difficult to adopt and that's where we come in.

Santa Barbara Live Zoom Webinar Consultants

Let us help you host successful Video Conferences and Webinars.

Webinar Production / Consulting Services include:

  • Pre Planning includes
    • Pre-planning your webinar for success with creative ideas to keep your audience entertained and informed
    • Collect from all Presenters materials that will be presented during the Webinar as a backup, such as PowerPoint presentations or videos.
    • Collect Poll Questions to be used during the Webinar
    • Providing the technology to host the webinar
    • Pre-training with all Co-Hosts that will be presenting, using their computer, notepad or mobile phone
      Santa Barbara Live Zoom Webinar Producers
  • Creation Of Webinar Session includes
    • Create a secure session with passwords and login security
    • Email blast to all potential attendees with login info
    • Activate Q&A and Polling
    • Create custom Registration with your branding
    • Create custom follow up Email after the webinar
    • Create your custom Polls to be presented during the webinar
    • Provide 30-second educational videos for all registered attendees to test and make adjustments to their equipment before attending. 
  • During the Webinar
    • Promote your sponsors during your webinar!
    • If there is strong attendance, announce it to the Attendees
    • 30-60 minutes advanced setup and perform a technology check
    • 30-60 minutes connection with presenters to troubleshoot technology and the environment
    • Activate recording of the webinar after the pre-production checklist is complete
    • Optionally stream the webinar to YouTube and Facebook
    • Optionally MC the meeting and introduce presenters
    • Give instructions to Attendees how to use Chats, Q&A and Polls
    • Manage Polling questions for your audience
    • Control which presenter's video and audio is on or off
    • Control the video and audio of attendees.
    • Manage Questions that are coming in from the audience
    • Manage Chat between attendees and between panelists and attendees
    • Privately chat with attendees that are experiencing problems with their camera for poor quality video, microphone issues, or background noises.
    • Call attendees that have registered but are not present in the 1st five minutes of the meeting. This will solve the technical issues experienced by attendees.  This is optional.
  • After the Webinar
    • Edit recording of webinar and post for viewing
    • Assemble all materials presented during the webinar and prepare for Email distribution or posting on the website.
  • Client Training
    • OPTIONAL: Training on how to host a webinar and provide all the services listed above.

Please contact your Santa Barbara Webinar Hosts to discuss your live Zoom event(s)

Whether you are a small business, medium-sized business, or larger organization, we can provide the level of support you need to host successful video conferences and webinars.

Virtual Event Producers

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Webinars don't need to be boring. Spice them up with interactive Trivia questions. See the Holiday Trivia Challenge below.

Nonprofit Virtual Fundraisers

Bring Zoom Attendees into your live streaming events. Check out this Nonprofit Fundraiser Halloween Costume Contest and Dance Party. This was produced with Zoom Meeting and our professional streaming studio software. The original event was one hour forty-five minutes long. Below is a 6-minute compilation of that live streaming event.

Currently producing Webinars for the following Chambers of Commerce:

Solvang Chamber of Commerce Webinars       Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce Webinars    Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce Webinars  Zoom Webinar Consultants for Carpinteria Chamber of Commerce

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Webinar Pre Roll

What is a Pre Roll?  A Pre Roll is what people see as they are logging into the Webinar.  The Pre Roll can be seen up to 20 minutes prior to the webinar start time. This is a unique and custom presentation prepared by Ameravant.

This is a great opportunity to promote corporate sponsors, Speakers and educate the Attendees prior to the Webinar on how to submit Questions, Chat, and Raising Hands.

Here is a 90-second promotion all recorded with Zoom Webinar

Virtual Zoom Awards Events

Need to honor people in your organization or host a virtual awards show? The following video is a sample of a Virtual Awards Show.

Serving nonprofits, businesses and individuals in California for over 18 years.

Adding Live Streaming to your account

Adding Live Streaming to your Website

Social Media Overlays in your Virtual Live Event

Engage your audience by bringing questions submitted from youtube and facebook into your virtual live event.

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