Nonprofit website for Santa Barbara Hustlers

Great seeing you recently in your office and catching up with you. And thanks for connecting me with Shawn from Pilgrim Terrace!

Hustlers has moved on to the new .community website that I shared with you, with our friend and business partner Carlen supporting. We no longer need the hosting and the site you have kindly built and maintained for us the past couple of years.

I want to thank you for your support and your friendship since we met in 2014. You have undoubtedly been one of the kindest and most supportive people in the community regarding our Hustlers idea and organization, and on a personal level. Hustlers would absolutely not be where it is today without your support. Thank you so much!

Though Hustlers no longer needs Ameravant as a web partner, I want to honor our commitment to bring you new clients and business, and our friendship, and continue finding ways to support you. You’re a great guy, and Ameravant is doing wonderful work. I’m happy to grab lunch some time or a beer, and connect further … for biz collaboration, and as friends.

Reach out any time! Wishing you well and a great 2017. And as always, let me know how Hustlers can serve you or others in the community!

Love and kindness,
Daniel "Sat" Colantonio
Hustlers for Humanity
co-founder, Executive Director