Myles Torres

Myles Torres - Your Friendly Neighborhood Designer

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Myles is truly passionate about creating world-class web design and digital art in town. What started out as a hobby 15 years ago, turned into a life long passion he looks to share with the community at large.

Myles attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles as a National Scholarship winner. That determination blossomed into a full-fledged career in the Apparel Manufacturing industry right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Myles found great success in his various apparel endeavors and eventually found himself back in Santa Barbara looking to extend his reach and influence beyond the apparel manufacturing industry.

Having created multiple successful online e-commerce businesses, Myles looks to blend his design, e-commerce, and marketing skills into crafting effective and user-friendly online experiences that drive sales and traffic to any business.

In his off time, Myles is an avid card game player and world builder. You can find him building and tinkering with playing cards or out and about town enjoying Santa Babara's various trails and preserves shooting photos with his girlfriend.

You can follow Myles on his personal site @

Icon design

Winner: Myles Torres

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Myles Torres NEO Icon Winner September 2018

NEO Icon design specifications

NEO is an original public blockchain project with many self-defined concepts representing essential parts of the ecosystem. Elements such as NeoGas, NeoContract and NeoVM are already integral features of the platform, whilst others such as NeoFS, NeoX and NeoQS are in development and will play an important role in NEO’s future. To explain and promote understanding of these concepts, participants are invited to design icons that represent their functionality and utility.
The icon designs should contain unique elements that reference the features and roles of each concept, whilst harmonizing with NEO’s visual identity. Participants are required to choose at least 5 out of the 9 concepts given below. At least 5 icons (one for each concept) shall be submitted. 
NEOGas / NEOAsset / NEOContract / NEOVM / NEODevPack / NEOID / NEOFS / NEOX / NEOQS