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Sergeant Mike McGrew, 30 yr. veteran cop; foot/car/motorcycle patrol, K-9 Sergeant, Major Crimes Homicide detective, Hostage negotiator and amusingly his most precarious duty, President of the Police Officers Association.

In this book/his life, Mike stands face to face with evil and routinely deals with the unthinkable range of human carnage perpetrated by, or on, fellow human beings and the boomerang effect on those First Responders having to deal with this chaos. Predictably Mike’s personal life begins to spiral downwards as he takes on the burdens of the trauma experienced by himself and those victims he vowed to protect; his failed marriages, struggle with alcohol, death and addiction of his son(s) and to top it off a deadly prognosis of advanced colon cancer for himself.

Sgt Mike McGrew A Higher Call To Duty

Excerpts from A Higher Call to Duty by Santa Barbara Police Officer Mike McGrew


On one of the last days of my field training, an alert went out about a man breaking windows of businesses in the downtown area. My field training officer, Steve, and I happened to be nearby and were the first to respond. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and the streets were packed with people.

Sgt Mike McGrew A Higher Call To Duty The Book

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