Adventures in Caring - Audio Video Educational Series

Adventures in Caring - Audio Video Educational Series

"This is practical compassion, and it is fundamental to building the partnerships with patients that produce better health care outcomes and better patient safety. Hospitals can improve the quality of care in a wide range of areas if they take this message to heart.”

About Adventures in Caring

We cultivate the practice of compassion in the service of healing.

People who are facing a serious illness or injury need more than good medical care. They need to experience compassion. They have been forcefully reminded that life is short and health is precious. Their world has often been turned upside down. Hopes and dreams have been damaged or lost. Such a traumatic turn in  life is “an opportunity dressed in rags.” In this dark place we need more than medical science can offer, we need a soul friend. We need to know that someone cares.

Audio Video and Book Educational Series

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