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Raised in a Jewish home, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, I know the importance of honoring tradition and having the perfect Chuppah for the biggest day of your life … your wedding day.

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When my daughter became engaged to be married, I set out to find the Chuppah she envisioned … and what a challenge that was! I quickly learned that renting a Chuppah and decorating it with just the right accessories was a huge task. And so began my journey to help others create just what they want to honor this meaningful and integral part of the Jewish wedding ceremony.

Chuppahs & Arbors by Sherry provides the personal touch that will ensure you are married under the Chuppah or arbor of your dreams. I will listen to your vision, learn about your venue and what’s important to you.

I have three sizes of redwood arbors to enhance your wedding and honor your religious or spiritual practice. We provide draping, custom tallits and kippahs and customized, hand painted glasses as some of the additional items you can select from my line of services to make the ceremony complete. And, I’ll work closely with your florist to coordinate their services in decorating the custom Chuppah or arbor designed just for you.

I look forward to working with you to make a reality of exactly what you’ve been dreaming, a Chuppah that will become a memorable part of your joyous, special day.

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