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No Business Can Succeed Without Its Customers

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Hayward recognizes that its customers, those with whom the company does business, are the reason for its long history of success, since 1919. We strive daily to be the most dependable supplier of products, services and solutions. We believe that by being the most dependable supplier, customers can focus less on problems and more on what they love to do…build. Our logo, Hayward – So You Can Build is the statement of this commitment. OTAP (On Time As Promised) is how we measure ourselves. Continuing to earn our customers’ business is how we know if it is on the right path…So You Can Build.

We have grown from a company selling mostly lumber to a company selling lumber, doors, windows, cabinets, trusses, engineered wood, foundation, and green building materials. We intend to be your one-stop shop for these product categories… So You Can Build.

Hayward has also been committed to bringing our customers the latest ideas in building and building science, from the innovative pre-cut Fast Floor system which saves builders time and money, to Hayward Healthy Home, which focuses on the principles and products necessary to build a home with its occupants health needs in mind,  Hayward wants to make sure that its customers survive and thrive by understanding how to minimize their liability by changing the way they build and how they conduct their business.


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Hayward will be the most dependable supplier of products, services and solutions to the construction market, as it has been since 1919.


  • We believe people are the way by which we will become our customer’s most dependable supplier. We want people who can make a mark! We only employ people we can count on and who our customers can depend on.
  • We believe our customers want relationships with great people who deliver dependable solutions to their evolving needs.
  • We believe the right people, given the right resources, and freedom will achieve greatness.


Achieve excellence in everything we do and do it right the first time.
Thrive on teamwork, trust, professionalism and responsibility.
Embrace old-fashioned values: a square deal and a handshake.
Balance sustainability, people,  the planet and profits in engineering our success.

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