Eyman Parker Insurance Brokers & Agents Santa Barbara CA

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James G. Parker insurance brokers Group is committed to developing a culture that is distinctly different from our competitors. Our Santa Barbara insurance agents focus is not on building the largest firm in the insurance and benefits business, but on building the most respected. We will accomplish this by focusing on the middle market client and operating an innovative insurance agency that will assist those clients in solving risk issues unique to their businesses.

Our insurance broker’s commitment to you and your business really begins after the policy is issued and continues throughout the term of the policy. We hope you never have to experience a loss but let’s face the fact that anticipation of loss is why our insurance agents in Santa Barbara available. At some point in time you are bound to file a claim. While we can’t prevent losses from occurring, we can provide support to you throughout the claim process. If your company has a full-time experienced HR manager, we can provide support and resources that will enhance their job skills and performance.

If your company’s staffing limitations require the duties of the HR manager to fall upon you or someone without specialized training, we can provide the crucial guidance needed to safely navigate the employee/employer relationship. The support staff of James G. Parker insurance brokers Santa Barbara there to make sure the rigging is secure and every safety precaution has been taken to prevent an accident. Like the trapeze artist, we want you to go about your daily business and while being aware of safety concerns, we want you to have the confidence that every measure has been taken to ensure the safest environment possible in which to operate your business. James G. Parker Insurance Associates through Business & Legal Reports is pleased to offer an affordable HR and Safety program management system; available online 24/7.

Eyman Parker Insurance Brokers & Agents Santa Barbara CA
Eyman Parker Insurance Brokers & Agents Santa Barbara CA

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