Grocery Trucking LTL/LT - Shippers Express Truck Lines

Grocery Trucking LTL/LT - Shippers Express Truck Lines

Delivering the Goods Nationwide

Shippers Express Truck Lines provides transportation and distribution services for manufacturing plants, major food service and retail grocery leaders throughout the USA. We serve and deliver for customers in:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Durable goods
  • Groceries
  • Health and beauty supplies
  • Paper products
  • Automotive products
  • Industrial supplies

Technology That Serves You

Shippers Express has always provided the level and type of technology that our customers prefer, from personal phone call to fax, email alert or electronic data interchange (EDI) and exception only reporting. 2012 investments in state-of-the-science Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and partnership with MercuryGate’s visibility tools are bringing systems to the level of the world-class supply chains we serve and manage. Customers can now remotely monitor orders and shipments through web access 24/7.

Shippers Express Truck Lines

World Class
Customer Service

At Shippers Express, the secret sauce is our people. You'll love us when things go wrong. It happens. In our industry and in business, the only thing constant is change.

Shippers Express is agile. We flexibly respond to your needs, and changes as they occur. We can customize our transportation services for you, flexibly adapting to this week's requirements and today's needs. When something goes wrong, you get the decision-maker on the phone. There's no going through three layers of  bureaucracy for the service you need now.

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