Free Website Review

Specializing in Santa Barbara Businesses

  1. Does your website have a way for you to update your own content, without the support of a paid Webmaster?

  2. Does your website have "Responsive Design" for mobile friendly views?

  3. Does your Website meet HTML Web Standards, so it looks the same on all computers?

  4. Does your website have at least 2 "Calls to Action?"

  5. Does your website hosting company have Google Analytics so you can see visitor traffic activity?

  6. Does your website have a "Domain Authority" over 25?   Average is 15-25, with the best being 100.

  7. Does  each page of your site have a unique "Page Title" on each page?  Best for good Google Ranking.

  8. Does each page of your site have one "H1" Heading Title on each page?  Best for good Google Ranking.

  9. Does each page of your site have a Meta Description, that contains keywords to support the Page Title?

  10. Do each of your images have "Alt Text" that support the main keywords for the page?

  11. Does your website contain Videos that are Keyword Optimized?

  12. Does your website have systems in place for you to easily add fresh content to your site each month? If you do not add fresh content Google will consider your content stale in 6-9 months.

  13. Have you promoted your website address on other websites? Backlinking from other websites lets Google know other people are interested in your content.

  14. Does your homepage have a clean layout of content with content being featured at different levels of importance? A well organized homepage will have Main Featured content, Secondary Featured Content and Other content, less featured.

  15. Does your website have an attractive design?  Your conversion of visitors to prospects will go down if you appear to be old, outdated or confusing.

  16. Does your website promote the Benefits your clients will receive if they use your service? If your website only promotes you, but does not connect with your visitor through benefits, your conversion of visitors to prospects will go down.

  17. Are you working with a reputable website development company that can help guide you to make sure your website is producing leads for your business?  Your website is a machine, just like your car.  A good website needs fuel to perform at its best.