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Directory Search Engine Optimization

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Be found in these Top Directories

Top Internet Directories for better Search Engine Optimization
  1. Be found in Google Local Maps, even if you don't have a website.
  2. Increase the "Domain Authority" of your website. Higher Domain Authority websites perform better in Google Search Results.
  3. Boost the Search Engine Optimization of your website with powerful backlinks from Top Internet Directories.
  4. Generate approximately 70 mini one-page websites to promote your products and services, with the ability to instantly update content from a single location.
  5. Track and respond to your company reviews in 70 directories with Email notifications to your Inbox.
  6. Add enhanced content to your directories, like photos, videos and keywords for Search Engine Optimization. Offer promotions, announce an upcoming event: fresh content in these directories enhances your placement in Google search results. Best of all, you update content from a single location.

Directory Management: Background Info

Google Local Search Map
  1. Google wants to promote “Local” business and tries to verify the most “Local” business in each keyword category. Google then displays the top 3 listings in their Google Local Map, that displays just under paid ads on the first search results page, and before organic search results.

  2. What you need to be considered a Local business:

    1. A Verified Google Business Directory Listing.

  3. What helps to promote your Google Business Directory Listing.

    1. Complete Company Profile.  See listing of information below.

    2. Listing in other Top Level Directories, like Bing, Yahoo and YellowPages.

    3. Consistent information about your company in all directories.

    4. Link back text from Top Level Directories back to your website.

  4. 76% of location search users visit a business within a day and 28% of those location searches result in a purchase.

Our Service:

  1. We will build a Directory Service Listing, for approximately 70 listings, for a fixed price. Get Your Quote
  2. We will create your Official Company Profile, including:
    1. Google Business Directory update
    2. Official Title, address, website URL and phone for your company
    3. Primary Category
    4. Multiple Secondary Categories
    5. Brief service description
    6. Full service description
    7. Multiple photos
    8. Other services offered by your company
    9. Keywords for Search Engine Optimization
    10. Hours of operation
    11. Key staff bios
    12. Suppression or removal of duplicate and/or incorrect Directory Listings
    13. Company promotions with link backs to the company website
  3. We’ll give you links to all the listings you’re managing with our service, so you can verify that your location data is correct and live across the Top Directories. In addition, we offer analytics, reporting, and review monitoring, so you can track searches, views, and reviews of your company.
  4. You'll feel the benefits of cleaning up and standardizing your online presence almost immediately. Service contract lasts 6 months and is renewable: the ongoing ability to generate fresh content across 70 plus directories will be of immense benefit to clients who wish to keep improving their online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I have more than one location?

    Yes, each location must be verified by Google, who will send a postcard to that location with a verification code.

  2. Do I have to display my home address if I work from home?

    No. Your address can be hidden in the directories.

  3. Can I promote my special services or events in directories?

    Yes, and your promotion text can link back to your website.

Test your company's online presence for FREE here

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