Learn Email Marketing Strategies - Optional LinkedIn Bootcamp June 24th

By Michael Kramer // May 19, 2015 at 04:57 AM

This is a two part workshop... The first session is free and will cover Email Marketing Strategies. The second session is a 3 hour paid bootcamp ($30) and will cover how to use and improve your LinkedIn personal profile and build a LinkedIn Company Page.


  • 9:45 AM Registration
  • 10:00 AM Power of Email Marketing
  • 11:30 PM First Seminar Ends

What You Will Learn: Email is still the number one form of communication as email marketing is a powerful, cost-effective marketing tool which will help you grow your business, build stronger relationships with your clients and get more referrals. Constant Contact's Email marketing tools lead the industry and we will demonstrate how to use the tool.

How to Use Constant Contact - including Tips and Cool Tools - This comprehensive workshop gives you an in-depth knowledge of the tools, features, and techniques of Email Marketing with Constant Contact. You’ll leave ready to create professional-looking email communications that get real results.

  • Creating a branded template – change global colors and fonts
  • Upload a logo, create hyperlinks, add a video, and upload a document
  • How to make your emails Social Media friendly
  • The Top 10 Email Marketing Tips
  • Cool tools that make creating an email easy and fun!
  • New trends and additional sales tips!

    Optional LinkedIn Bootcamp (Cost is $30)

    Session Time:  Noon - 3pm

    We'll provide proven strategies and tips that will help you capitalize and get the most out of your LinkedIn profile and company page. This bootcamp will help you achieve measureable customer leads.

    Watch the Video:


    Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact


    Participants should bring a working laptop with wireless Internet connection and have a current/up to date browser and OS. You must be familiar with your laptop and how to access the Internet using your laptop's wireless connection. Laptops are required. Tablets and iPads should not be used. No time will be spent to troubleshoot laptop issues.  Due to the limited length of the workshop we will not cover any programming nor will we set up accounts.  

    Refund policy: Attendance to this bootcamp is by paid admission only, and is specifically associated with this date and venue. Registration/payment for this bootcamp cannot be transferred, traded, substituted or refunded. Once you have registered and paid for this bootcamp, NO refunds will be issued. Registrants for this bootcamp that subsequently can not attend the paid event, for whatever reason, will not have the cost of the event refunded, traded, and or credited. Your paid admission will simply be forfeited if you can not attend.

    All of our workshops are highly educational and filled with best practices, tips and trends!

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