Best Non Profit Websites - Must-have Features, and Support to Be Successful

By Michael Kramer // Mar 15, 2013 at 09:11 AM

Shopping for a new Non Profit Website?

Top 10 Features Most small to medium Non Profits need in their website:

Best Non Profit Websites - Must-have Features, and Support to Be Successful
  1. Affordable Website to match your limited budget
  2. Be Found in Google and other Search Engines
  3. Ability to update page and article content without having to hire a webmaster
  4. Low-cost Support to help you manage content or implement new features for your nonprofit
  5. Accept Donations Online
  6. Send Email blasts to people that you want to stay in touch with
  7. Post Testimonals from the people you are serving, so your website visitors know their donations are making a difference
  8. Easily post Photos and Slideshows
  9. Easily post Videos on your website
  10. Easily post Events that your non-profit is sponsoring or supports.

Why are Non Profit Websites more expensive than Small Business Websites?

The average small business website needs:
  1. Simple graphic design 
  2. Ability to add a small number of pages
  3. Built-in Blog to post articles
  4. Because these websites are usually static in content, they don't need as much support.
Notice small business websites have much fewer needs than non profit websites.  The average small business website cost $2,000 - $2,500.  To add all the features needed for a successful non profit website, the cost can climb as high as $8,000.

Affordable Discount Non Profit Websites

SiteNinja CMS is a Content Management System that allows you to easily update your website.  It comes with free lifetime Support and free feature upgrades, so your non profit website never gets outdated.   The website development team at SiteNinja have prepared low cost, discount pricing for your new website.  You can now have a website for 40% less than the cost of what small businesses are paying.

Packages designed for Non-Profits include:

  1. Base website with unlimited pages and build-in blog
  2. Photo gallery attached to every page
  3. Homepage Slideshow including Homepage Video Slideshow
  4. Testimonial System
  5. Donation System
  6. Advanced Event Registration (upgraded from Simple Events)
  7. Image Gallery
  8. Newsletter System
  9. Directory Listing System
  10. Frequently Asked Questions "FAQ"
  11. Document Management System
  12. Member Profiles and Private Pages
  13. Product Catalog & Google Checkout
All websites come with free Lifetime Support and free upgrades.
SiteNinja offers Financing for your Website, to offset your up front cost over 18 months.

Earn Easy Money from your Nonprofit Website

SiteNinja even has an Affiliate Program where your non profit can receive an average of $250 just for placing a link on your website, back to
To inquire about specific pricing for your non profit, please contact the Non Profit Webmasters at SiteNinja.  
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