Hustlers would absolutely not be where it is today without your support. Thank you so much!
Daniel “Sat” Colantonio
Hustlers for Humanity, Executive Director
Dear Michael, Thank you for your generous sponsorship of the 2016 Carpinteria Valley Chamber Community Awards. We appreciate your financial contribution.
with gratitude
Joyce Donaldson, Executive Director
One of the prettiest websites I’ve seen, really! I love the “Branding Portfolio” button. The look and rollover - very classy! Pure magic how the pages were designed in the programming. Poetry in motion guys! Much thanks to the DREAM team!
Michael Bayouth
WOW! Michael, I am thoroughly impressed! This Website is not only elegant and informative, but easily navigated. If I can direct any biz your way, I will.
I can't believe it, that's totally perfect, and so prompt. THANK YOU. I've got to think of someone to tell how great Ameravant is!!
Nick Woolf
I appreciate the work your staff does. Noelle is some sort of angel, as I stumble through the learning curve. Cheers and here’s to a great business experience for all of us during 2016!
Pat Kistler
Dear Michael and Crew, Thank you for making Fork And Cork Classic a fantastic success!! You did so much amazing work!
Diane, Melissa and Team
Foodbank of Santa Barbara
Hi Michael, Thank you for connecting :) We LOVE our new website. Thanks so much and see you soon.
Jen Mishkin
Insurance Guys
Not sure what happened but I'm getting 2-3 leads a day now from all over the place from your website. Even got a call from the Bahamas today.
Craig Saling
Santa Barbara Merchant
Thank you, Michael! You are doing a great job! You are creative, on top of your industry, a marketing guru, and an excellent business man. I'm excited about my updated site and will get to my To Do List now ~
Linda Adams
Linda Adams Interior Design
Mike & Kelly: During this time of year of giving thanks, I just wanted you both to know how grateful we at ASPYRA are for the professional and expedient responses, as well as insight Ameravant has provided to website marketing.
Cassie Silletti
Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication. Your many contributions have been extremely beneficial to our success.
Jerry Knotts
President, CCVF
The web site is running almost as fast as “greased lightening”. Thank you very much for your service.
Kent L. Englert, C.P.A
I enjoyed your recent SEO webinar – one of the most focused and helpful I’ve seen so far overall. I’m interested in learning more about you and look forward to more webinars.
Heather Strong Brempell
Spectrum Printing Company, LLC
Hi Michael, Thank you so much for a lovely evening last night. And the presentation by Anthony was great--very helpful! Congrats on your new digs and your 300+ customers. You are a blessing to everyone who knows you and especially those who do business with you. Cheers, Cynder
Cynder Sinclair, D.M.
Nonprofit Kinect
Now, not only do I have a highly effective and attractive Website, but I can continuously make adjustments to it using the principles of SEO. I highly recommend the Ameravant team if you are looking for a top-notch, high-performing Website at a reasonable cost.
Cynder Sinclair, D.M.
Nonprofit Kinect
I wanted to commend you and your staff on the most amazing experience we have had in migrating from Square Space to Site Ninja. You and your team are incredibly professional, customer – centric and have enormous amount of expertise in the best way to promote our site, gain more exposure and points with Google. You epitomize the true value of a business partnership and I cannot thank you enough.
Cassie Silletti
Want to start a new business or quick start your old business? Go to Ameravant. Yost Appliance did and and we have not looked back.
Burt Yost
Yost Appliance
Thanks for the 150% effort!
Sarah Ettman-Sterner
Ocean Futures Society, Toxic Flame Retardants
I love [the site design]! ... It's exactly how I pictured it, but even better.
Sabine Blanchard
Website looked great! Very informative and helped meet my Evening News deadline.
Jeff Burnside
NBC, Toxic Flame Retardants
We are pleased to unveil our recently revamped Lemon Festival website which was created by Ameravant. A special thanks goes out to Michael and Dave at Ameravant for all of their wonderful work.
Max White
Goleta Chamber, California Lemon Festival
In only 2 months, our website ranks higher on all major search engines. Traffic has increased significantly. We have more leads and more closed business. Our new site gives us the credibility we never had online.
Casey McCann
Hazelwood Allied
Looks great, Michael. I think it was difficult for me to contain my enthusiasm. You gave a great presentation and have a wonderful product to offer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Board will love your design ideas as much as I do. 4/3/12
Linda Smith
Executive Director Solvang Chamber of Commerce